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Reality show

For the past week, I have binged-out, watching CNN as the American Democrats present their arguments and evidence of corruption to impeach President Donald John Trump. 

To date, the American Republicans refuse to obey subpoenas to testify in Senate to acknowledge – or deny – that they elected a truly corrupt (hu)man to run their country.

If Donald J. Trump is not impeached and pays for his wrongdoings – one of which is withholding financial military aid to Ukraine “to confront Russia” unless they played his dirty games – democracy will surely lose its meaning.

As the Democrats have shown so far, it seems to me – with my limited and amateur knowledge of world politics – the POTUS is still acting like he did during his reality shows on television years ago.  The ultimate result would be the impeachment of Donald Trump and, as he is escorted out of the White House, the American masses all cheering “You’re Fired!”

However, there is always another side of a story.  

So, next week I will again be glued to CNN – to hear three days of Republican rebuttal.  

Jennie Tschoban, 


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