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Reasonable  expectation of  privacy

Reasonable expectation of privacy

(Re: Open letter to SCRD board)
Members of the public living in both the SCRD and Sechelt that receive SCRD billed garbage collection services brought the recent article “Ban on food waste in garbage proposed” in the Local paper to my attention. They also brought to my attention the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and a reasonable expectation of privacy as it relates to garbage collection, which is something the SCRD needs to consider seriously.
Clear plastic garbage bags could be considered a violation of the publics’ reasonable expectations of privacy as the products used and disposed of in clear bags would be visible. For example, sanitary products and other personal care items. Also, having SCRD staff and/or subcontractors examining and sorting items in the garbage at the curbside could pose a serious health risk and further delay or hinder the garbage collection process. The process would also be subject to tampering and resulting unfounded allegations and charges.
If the SCRD intends to proceed and, in doing so, violates the publics’ reasonable expectation of privacy, the SCRD should also provide the public with the right to opt-out (no billing or fees) of the SCRD waste management program.
Jeri Patterson,
West Sechelt

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