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Recycling puzzle

Recycling puzzle

(Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local)

I have mixed feelings about the plan to move garbage collection to bi-weekly, alternating with organics pick-up. It’s not because I’m worried about whether or not I, as a home-composter, will be getting a discount. I think those of us who compost will continue to do so regardless.

My main concern is that you are doing this before there is a plan in place for recyclables. Up until recently (when my son and his friend moved in with me) my weekly garbage has been miniscule. It has consisted of items the recycling depot can’t take, plus such things as cat litter, or bones and other meat waste that one is advised to omit from home compost. Other waste goes to recycling – but we are going to lose the depot soon. On organics week I’ll have barely anything to be picked up (unless yard waste is to be included with the organics?) but on garbage week, once the depot is gone, I may well have too much to fit in the can. This makes no sense.

What is council’s plan to deal with recyclables once the depot closes?

Anne Miles


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