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Redesigned website delivers Gibsons feel

Redesigned website delivers Gibsons feel

The Town of Gibsons website sports a fresh new look with a painterly design by award-winning Twist Marketing – faster, smarter, better!

Gibsons loves to make visitors feel welcome – and the Town’s new website does just that.  Faster to access and easier to navigate, with a robust search capability, the website makes it much simpler to find the information you need about recreation, arts and culture, municipal matters and how to get around town. And, with its seaside colours and ‘painterly’ design featuring many local landmarks, the website has a definite ‘Gibsons’ feel. 

Council confirmed the website as a priority in the 2013 budget; seven different web design companies were invited to bid on the project. Award-winning Twist Marketing emerged as the successful bidder, chosen for their experience in local government and their ability to provide a quality product in a timely manner within available budget.

The website can now be maintained in-house, another key factor in affordability, and will feature links to the Town’s Facebook and YouTube sites. As time and funds permit, the site will be further upgraded with other features, all designed to make every visit a satisfactory experience.  Get the ‘Gibsons’ feel at


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