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Reintroduction of VCH home detox program

Reintroduction of VCH home detox program

Vancouver Coastal Health is pleased to announce that Addiction Services of the Sunshine Coast is reintroducing a Home Detox Program in January 2013. Detoxification is the safe management of physical withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or other drugs so that the associated risks are minimized.
Home detox is a medically monitored detoxification process facilitated in a person’s home by trained addictions staff. It consists of the following services:
• An initial assessment by a physician and addictions nurse
• Daily nursing visits to monitor the client’s condition for up to one week
• Supervised medication dispensing/medication monitoring
• Advice and support to the client and the support people in their life
• Identification and discussion of further treatment options
• Coordination of aftercare and follow-up
Patients must meet the following admission criteria to be accepted:
• an individual lives in a home
• the home is safe for VCH personnel to enter
• the individual is not living with someone whose alcohol or drug use is a problem
• a partner or friend must be available to see the individual daily
• there is no history of seizures or other medical complications
• there are no mental health concerns such as psychosis or suicidal ideation
• a physician is involved
Referrals will be accepted from a number of sources, including: physicians; family members; clergy; workplaces; and the client him/herself. For more information, or to make a referral, please call Addiction Services at 604-885-8678.

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