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Remedies while roughing it

Remedies while roughing it

Canteris-HartleyThis Summer I went on a fantastic backcountry trip for a week in Marvel Pass, Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park and we accessed the pass from Kootenay National Park at the trailhead of Aurora Creek.  We saw no one during our week, it was remote and unbelievably beautiful.  This was not only a backpacking trip, but we practiced mindfulness meditation, yoga and also did some scrambling – the ideal combination.

As always when I go into the backcountry I go prepared with various homeopathic remedies, as remoteness and risk play important factors on these trips, and having the right remedies on hand can help deal effectively with the various situations that can sometimes ruin a trip.

Needless to say this area was extremely buggy and some of us were more affected by mosquito and horsefly bites than others. Interestingly, my friends from the UK were the most susceptible.  They were not only bitten more, but their bites would swell and become very itchy.  Apis Mellifica was helpful in bringing down the swelling and itchiness quickly and worked for everyone that was being badly bitten.  One women’s hand was completely swollen from one bite and she took Apis Mellifica and within an hour the swelling was gone.

With heavy backpacks and longs days, changing base camp three times, muscle soreness and fatigue were prevalent. Arnica Montana worked wonders in relieving our fatigue and soreness, so that we could revive our energy quickly for the days and higher altitudes to come.  One of the men had an old knee injury act up and he was not sure he could continue.  I gave him one dose of Ruta Gravoelens and the next morning his knee did not bother him at all.  He was able to finish the trip pain free.

For others, time zone changes and then altitude gain in the mountains along with physical and mental exertion combined, resulted in vertigo, fatigue and weariness of a different kind; Cocculus and Coca helped with just one dose in both cases to restore energy and equilibrium.

Fortunately, no serious injuries or grizzly bear encounters occurred.  Weather was fairly cooperative with some exciting electrical storms.  Stunning views of Mt. Assiniboine and the other surrounding mountains will remain forever etched in my mind and soul.  I also had the privilege of seeing Arnica Montana in bloom growing wild, it was a beautiful sight, along with the other wild alpine flowers.

For those interested in learning how to use homeopathic remedies in the backcountry, I will be teaching a workshop on Saturday Oct. 15, 9:30am-1:30pm. For more information contact 604.886.3844 or visit

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