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Return of sports plan

Progress. That word defines Special Olympics in 2020. With the success of the Return to Sports Plan, or RTS, SOBC is proud to announce that the four sports offered – Club Fit, bocce, golf and athletics – have moved to Level One, meaning that Locals around British Columbia can offer these programs with SOBC approval.
While not all of these sports will be offered on the Coast, registration will move forward. This will be done via email, and all athletes are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. Registration Coordinator Allyson Pearson says that each athlete is required to fill out two forms and return them to her by Sept. 24 to make sure when sports become available, coaches know whom to contact. SOSC will not be taking fees at this time. Coaches and volunteers are asked to register as well with Volunteer Coordinator Marney Qually.
In our Local, no sports will start until all three key factors are met: coach and volunteer availability, athlete registration, and availability of facilities. Once all athletes have registered, coaches and volunteers have organized, and facilities become available, our Local will be able to provide programs.
It might seem overwhelming, but all it boils down to is ensuring the health and safety of all involved. Our Local executive, coaches and volunteers are working hard to ensure we will be ready when it all begins.
Athletes continue to do their part to stay active during these times. Swimming in the ocean, bike riding, walking and hiking, keeping fit and keeping in touch with one another through social media or physically distanced visits. Some athletes whose personal training sessions have been cancelled due to the pandemic have been able to continue their training using platforms such as Zoom or Facebook Messenger.
Step by step, day-to-day, we’ve got this. It’ll be okay.

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