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RMCP Report

RMCP Report

Found Property
On Feb. 9, an anonymous person turned in a found
iPhone. The owner may claim within 90 days with a detailed description. The phone has some distinctive features. Please reference police file 2021-902.

Traffic violation
On Feb. 9, police witnessed a vehicle on Highway 101 near Nickerson Road, Sechelt, having mechanical issues. As the vehicle started to move, a tire locked up, and smoke was observed as the driver attempted to continue driving. Police initiated a traffic stop and determined the driver had an expired driver’s licence and was a Driving Prohibition candidate. The driver was issued a Notice and Order to have the vehicle repaired and inspected, a Notice of Prohibition from driving for three months, and a Violation Ticket for No Driver’s Licence. The vehicle was towed, and the matter has been referred to RoadSafetyBC.

Hit & run and Theft
On Feb. 11, a witness reported a hit and run after a large truck struck a vehicle parked in a business parking lot in the 1100 block of Gibsons Way, knocking off the front bumper. The driver was seen exiting his vehicle, looking at the damage and then getting back into his vehicle and driving away without leaving a note for the damaged vehicle owner. Fortunately, the witness was able to note the suspect vehicle’s licence plate number and driver description. Police will be following
up with the registered owner. The file is still under
• • •
On Feb. 11, a suspect was witnessed shoplifting a number of items from a business in the 5600 block of Wharf Avenue. Staff confronted the suspect and were able to recover two of the stolen items but the suspect fled on foot with the other items. Police reviewed surveillance video and were able to identify the suspect. The file is still under investigation.
Submitted by RCMP

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