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Robotic Horse Mechanical Sun debut

Robotic Horse Mechanical Sun debut

Robotic Horse Mechanical Sun is a Canadiana folksy group that is fun for the whole family. (L to R) Jeff Doran, Jamie Swann, Brenny Fitzsimmons, Jason Lambing, and Andrew Bate.

Roberts Creek has once again sprouted another group of talented local musicians, this time in the form of Robotic Horse Mechanical Sun. Made up of five experienced musicians, this collaboration is guaranteed to be nothing short of amazing.  Since early last year, they have been busy writing and practicing out some groovy, fuzz folk laid back, styly-retro roots oriented, original material.
With an early interest in pursuing a set list full of collaborative originals, the songs tell stories of real life tales close to the heart, and the funny bone.
From instrumentals like Dwizzlin’ and Attack of the Jelly Fish to full throttle cuts like Hay is for Horses and Klezmer Love Ballad, the band will keep the audience smiling all evening long.
With a refreshing twist on a few covers from the likes of Neil Young, Corb Lund and a few other greats, the variety of this show is sure to entertain.
The band members are very excited about the performance and have got a few tricks up their sleeve.  Showtime is 8pm on Saturday, January 19, at The Gumboot Cafe. So come on down and spend a few bucks on the horse!


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