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Rowe: Investing in Gibsons infrastructure

Rowe: Investing in Gibsons infrastructure

While Gibsons is a wonderful place to live at any time of year, it’s a common refrain that summer is the season that consistently offers up irrefutable evidence of our good sense in choosing to reside here. From our many beautiful beaches (each with a distinct character all its own) to lively family events like Sea Cavalcade, to evening, ice-cream-fueled strolls through Lower Gibsons, there is much to do and enjoy right outside our front doors.

And happily, our easy access to life-enhancing amenities (whether social, cultural or commercial) is only increasing. In the past several years, we’ve seen millions of dollars invested in our community, with funds coming from large corporations like TELUS, which spent $4.5 million to connect more than 90 per cent of Gibsons residents and businesses to its high-speed fibre-optic network; non-profit organizations, like those that envisioned, created and now operate the Gibsons Public Market; and individuals, which started 97 new businesses in Gibsons during the 12 months ended May 31.

The Town has been consistently investing in our community’s infrastructure as well, with the aim of steadily enhancing Gibsons’ overall livability and long-term viability.

Some of our investments are hidden but vital projects, such as the recent replacement of aging watermains beneath Gower Point Road, North Fletcher Road and Gibsons Way. Other projects are more visible.

The revitalization of Armours Beach, for example, is a wonderful, dramatic change. Always a popular gathering spot, the waterfront park now offers brighter, more open washrooms (complete with outdoor shower), sturdy picnic benches and multiple flat, terraced spaces that invite visitors to set up for a full day of swimming, sunbathing and socializing.

We’re also in the process of completing a multi-use path from Seaview Lane to Bals Lane along Gibsons Way. Built to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists, this new pathway will help create a safer, more gently sloping link between Upper and Lower Gibsons. The Gibsons Way connector is a critical component of our Town’s expanding network of walking and biking trails that was first envisioned in 2001 and I’m very pleased to see it coming to fruition.

In closing, I’d like simply to wish all readers a wonderful summer, filled with friends, family, good food and lots of time outside enjoying our beautiful Sunshine Coast. Summer’s always over too quickly, so soak it up while you can, in whichever ways you enjoy most. See you out there.

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