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Ruth: A new school year begins

Ruth: A new school year begins

September marks the beginning of the school year and with it the hustle and bustle throughout the district. We are now full-on into fall, and school routines have become the norm.

Our graduating class of 2019 is chomping at the bit to stretch their wings with their new-found freedoms and responsibilities.  They are learning about the world outside of the classrooms and hallways.  In their journey over the years they have learned much more than the “3Rs”.

It’s wonderful to see how our students are not only taking their future world into their own hands,  working on energy saving techniques such as solar panels, reducing heat in the classrooms and things as simple as shutting off appliances not being used, they are also leading by example. Many of our students are taking the reins and we are listening.

The new curriculum is encouraging experiential-based learning, hands-on learning and our students are embracing this with vigor.  Mind you, this could easily be a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg.  Some of these activities have been carried on into the core of our schools.  Hands-on, teachable projects that show a sustainable future, a better world.

One of the most recent student-initiated projects showed this first-hand. See our Facebook page (School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast)) for the story about the rainbow crosswalk painted at Chatelech Senior Secondary.  This was a student led, staff supported initiative of the SAGA (Sexual and Gender Acceptance) Group, showing all students, staff and our community that inclusiveness and equality are a part of that vision for a better world.

Our kindergarteners, coming in fresh, are also discovering new found freedom and responsibilities.  By now any home sickness has waned, and they are getting comfortable with the daily ins and outs of the school system. New friends are being made, barriers are being broken and confidences are being built.  Their insatiable curiosity has no bounds…and they too are listening.

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