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Ruth: A strategic plan guides the school year

Ruth: A strategic plan guides the school year

September is always an exciting time of year for our district, even more so now with so many new things going on.

After being approved by the board in June, we were excited to see the final results of our Strategic Plan in beautiful print at our September board meeting.  Our strategic plan is supported by an implementation plan that will be followed throughout the year. Our agendas are set in accordance with the implementation plan, as is our communication plan, to make sure that we continue to make good decisions while staying focused on our goals, values and vision. 

Our vision is long-term and our message is clear: For our students to grow to be life-long learners and contributing global citizens. The Board’s vision encompasses everything from basic learning skills to life skills; from learning and understanding indigenous history and ways of knowing, to developing well supported health and arts skills.  

Our Strategic Plan works with three Circles of Care: Students, Staff and Community, to support our students to thrive in their learning journeys.  

In an effort to help this journey along, this September, and all Septembers to come, no school supplies need to be purchased by any students and their families in our district.  This regulation was passed last year and is in full-effect for this fall. Eliminating barriers to “free education” is part of the school act, and supplies for everyone removes the barriers for all students and allows them to feel fully a part of our learning communities.   

 We are also thrilled to launch a new district website for September. While the new website has been available on-line for a short time now, it was officially introduced at our Committee of the Whole Meeting earlier this week.  Our highly interactive site celebrates public education and makes district, school and program information easily accessible in a fun and creative way.  

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