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Ruth: New school board getting down to business

Ruth: New school board getting down to business

The recent election brought with it almost a whole new board.  Welcome to Trustees Amaral, Girard, Haines, Hampvent, Leech and Ste. Marie.  I am proud to continue in my second term.

Governance is not something to be taken lightly, and our new board has already shown that it is taking its roles seriously. The board members are already immersed in learning the ropes and delving into their roles and responsibilities.  At our inaugural meeting, I was honoured to be elected Chair of the Board and look forward to working closely with my newly elected Vice-Chair, Trustee Leech.

Things have had to move quickly, as our schools won’t wait for us to catch up, and our board is ready to embrace the tasks set upon them.  Each trustee has been assigned places on internal and external committees as well as PAC liaison positions.  Orientations and courses are set in motion as well to bring us all up to speed.

Before our first official board meeting on Nov.14, we met with the Principals, Vice-Principals and District Principals in a round-robin setting meet and greet. This was a fabulous opportunity to get to know everyone and what they loved about their jobs and their schools, and for them to find out a bit more about us. It was refreshing and informative.  Early next month, we look forward to another meet and greet with the Sunshine Coast Teachers Association (SCTA).

Incorporating these meet-and-greets into our orientation helps get a feel of what our district is all about: working together towards the same goal of student achievement.  To tie everything together, the board will be touring schools in the new year.  A perfect way to come full-circle, to see the hands-on results of what it is we set out to do, and why we are here.

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