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Salt Spring Island company approved to ship via drone

Salt Spring Island company approved to ship via drone

Just like shipping parcels via plane or vehicle, there is now the capability to ship via drone.
A first in Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has approved InDro Robotics Inc. to operate a domestic air service, using drones for the carriage of cargo.
“This permission until now has only ever been issued to airlines and paves the way for a (literally) much wider range of drone use,” says Philip Reece, CEO InDro Robotics Inc. “We have had several successful missions carrying medication and other health-related items to remote areas. This new license means we can ship anything up to 10 kg (other than people and animals) – important documents, artwork, jewels – basically anything a manned aircraft could.”
With the new cargo-carrying license, the InDro Heavy Lift Wayfinder Drone will ship increased cargo over longer distances. InDro has extended distances approval from Transport Canada for 25 km, and InDro’s researchers are working and hopeful this distance will expand to 200 km in the very near future.
“Our Canadian researchers and technologists, together with the efforts of the CTA and Transport Canada, continue to advance drone technology at a record pace,” said Reece. “We believe in the very near future, our aircraft will be able to travel further and with more weight load, expanding drone capabilities.”
Over the past few months, InDro Robotics has been working closely with regulators, air operators and the Vancouver Island Health Authority to establish a rapid way of providing COVID-related drone support to a number of communities, hospitals and medical centres in British Columbia. And in 2019, InDro Robotics, together with Canada Post and London Drugs, was the first to successfully test drone delivery of emergency medications over the Pacific Ocean. The drone travelled over the Pacific 6 km in 11 minutes from Duncan to Salt Spring Island.

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