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Santa not coming to Sechelt Town Hall

Santa not coming to Sechelt Town Hall

Sechelt council reversed its decision to add a gigantic Santa at the municipal hall this holiday season.
On Oct. 21, that group voted to spend $18,200 that remained in its 2020 council operational travel budget on enhancing Christmas lighting in the downtown core. In response to hearing concerns from community members about those plans, Mayor Siegers called for a reconsideration of the three decisions related to those plans.
At the Nov. 4 meeting, council withdrew its support for investing $4,500 in an illuminated Santa sculpture for the District’s Cowrie Street office building roof. It reconfirmed decisions to spend $3,700 for white lighting on that building and $10,000 to extend electrical services into Acacia/Cenotaph Park to support lighting in that area.
Mayor Siegers and Councillor Brenda Rowe remained in favour of the Santa installation. Siegers expressed the view that the downtown should be a focal point that demonstrates the community’s spirit. She said that the decoration additions could be the start of a downtown festive display that improves year over year.
Councillor Matt McLean said he found the Santa project “excessive” and preferred to see some of the unspent funds remain in surplus to address other needs going forward. Sechelt found itself with money left in its 2020 budget as council travel to conferences, training courses and meetings was restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
It was noted that the decorative lighting on the municipal hall could be used to enhance the post-sunset appearance of the building throughout the year. Councillor Janice Kuester expressed the view that the lighting would be “classy” but viewed the Santa project as over the top. Connie Jordison

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