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School energy contest

School energy contest

Two students at Halfmoon Bay Elementary examine a solar panel during the Energy Matters program. Photo submitted

Four Coast elementary schools hosted a friendly, interschool energy conservation event the week of April 15. Participating classrooms turned down thermostats 3 degrees Celsius for three days and minimized energy waste, turning off unnecessary lights, appliances, computer screens and other devices.

At the four schools, grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 led a variety of initiatives, including reminding everyone to bring a sweater and using energy meters to identify energy inefficiencies. The schools are Langdale, Roberts Creek, Davis Bay and Halfmoon Bay.

Rob Collison, manager of SD46 facilities and transportation said the goal is to shift school culture. “We want to enable students and staff to save energy at schools and at home,” Collison said.  “When they step into a room and see a light on that doesn’t need to be on, they turn it off, or if they find a door propped open after recess that they close it to save on heating costs”.

SD46 has dropped energy use by five per cent annually for several years through solar panels, gas boiler and window upgrades, and automated lighting systems.

The Energy Cup contest is part of the three-week Energy Matters program that provides teachers with materials to raise student awareness and understanding on climate change, on the daily choices we can make to reduce environmental impacts of our diet, transportation, home heating and lighting choices. Developed in collaboration with community partner Heartwood Solutions Consulting, the program is in its fourth year and has reached over 2,000 students.


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