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SCRD launches ‘open data portal’

SCRD launches ‘open data portal’

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) recently launched an open data portal making available public information on everything from property boundaries, topographic and orthophoto information, to regional water systems. The new portal, which can be found at, presents information in a number of readily accessible formats.

“The SCRD is committed to pursuing innovative best practices to allow for transparency and efficiencies through technology,” says Cheryl Trent, SCRD Geographical Information Systems Administrator. “The launch of the open data portal will give our citizens easier access to SCRD mapping data and information.”

The concept of open data is that certain information should be freely available for everyone to use without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. It can then be used for viewing, analysis, map making and application development.

“Providing open data improves the public’s ability to easily access, download and utilize SCRD information,” says Trent. “It provides the additional benefit of eliminating the costs associated with responding to related information requests.”


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