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SCRD sends best wishes to all for the new year

This week, on Monday morning, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) started what will be a busy month by having policing and transportation committee meetings. These two meetings give organizations on the Coast opportunities to network and to address concerns about how they can work together to make the Sunshine Coast a strong community.
In Monday’s police meeting, we discussed how we can all work with the RCMP to ensure that the Coast remains a safe place to live. The RCMP brought the committee up-to-date on Coast crime statistics for December 2012. At this and other such meetings, the RCMP staff answer queries from the community, elected officials, and school board. The police point out where there is a reduction of crime, identify areas on the Coast that show an increase, and report on what they are doing for prevention. At each meeting, time is also spent talking about youth and how the committee can help to assist those that are at risk.
Transportation meetings typically include reports and presentations from organizations such as Speed Watch, BC Ferries, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), Capilano Highways, ICBC, RCMP highway patrol, elected officials, and school board representatives. The transportation committee monitors BC Ferries’ rate changes and statistics and, through the SCRD, sends letters of concern about increased fees or reduced sailings. Other items discussed might include signage on the highway, safety concerns about the turnoff from Redrooffs to the highway, bike paths, maintenance of roads, and concerns about snow ploughing. The committee appreciates the patience of the MOTI representative during the round table part of the meeting, as he handles all complaints about rural roads and Highway 101. Among the latest concerns is the move by MOTI to use chip seal to refurbish rural roads. The Speed Watch representative reports on traffic issues on the Coast and where drivers are speeding. The ICBC representative presents vehicle accident statistics and information about how the organization helps reduce problems in high-crash areas.
What is most important for those that live on the Coast is to know that all the different policing and transportation organizations are meeting together to address concerns and to find remedies that will be beneficial to us all.
Next Monday morning, the SCRD staff and directors will meet in the SCRD boardroom to start the first round of the 2013 budget. The public is welcome to attend these meetings, which go all week. This is your opportunity to witness staff and directors doing their due diligence to maintain SCRD services at the least possible cost to the taxpayer.
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone on any issue. Cell: 604-741-2427 or

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