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SD46 publishes affirmation towards reconciliation

SD46 publishes affirmation towards reconciliation

School District 46 is honoured to be the first district to have an affirmation as a step towards reconciliation and the calls to action resulting from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  

Education in this province is leading the way towards this necessary transformation which is occurring in our communities and country.  Our board is pleased to publish the affirmation: “The Board of School District 46 affirms its commitment to Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation” as an explicit testament about our strategic direction as a district.  The new branding incudes thoughtful Indigenized circles of care, and a stated recognition of the un-ceded territories on all of our business cards, email signatures and marketing materials.  

When interviewed about these developments Rita Poulsen (shíshálh language instructor for SD46) responded: “I appreciate this; I believe these statements and this direction recognizes the types of steps we need to take towards what reconciliation means for our community.”  Nancy Denham (co-founder of the siyaya reconciliation movement and restorative justice circle keeper and trainer) responds: “The affirmation and the statement throughout the branding about the un-ceded land clarifies the facts of the relationships between our communities. Stating the truth at this time contributes to the healing of the Nations and settler communities.” 

We were thrilled when Superintendent Bocking suggested creating the affirmation, which appears at the beginning of all of our strategic plan documents and social media spaces. In his wisdom to have the affirmation at the beginning and comparable to the vision and mission, it serves the board’s desire for clear, strong and thoughtful messaging. Our Board is proud that this is at the forefront of our current strategic plan, that this lens provides a key feature of how we will endeavor to assess and facilitate the achievement of the specific goals and outcomes.

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