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Sechelt dog park opening delayed

Sechelt dog park opening delayed

Plans were in place for the Sechelt dog park to open in the spring of 2020. However, Trail Avenue road construction caused that to be delayed until spring of 2021.
The Trail Avenue road construction required excavation of soil and gravel from the site that was placed on Ebbtide Street temporarily. This storage of road material blocked access to the park during road works. As the road is near completion and all excavated material has been removed, BC Hydro has recently expressed concern about the location of the hydro junction box. It will need to be relocated to ensure its accessibility for their technicians and away from any sloped landscaping.
At present, the District is working with the District consultant to redesign the sidewalk, relocate the hydro box, and install new park drainage infrastructure. It is anticipated the design and reconstruction will be completed by April and the dog park fence, gates and site furnishings installed soon thereafter.
Parks Manager Jayme Anderson stated, “While this unexpected delay has been disappointing for dog owners, I am pleased that the grass has had time to establish so it can better withstand dogs running around and having fun in the new park.”

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