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Sechelt pours another $40K into sinkhole investigation

Sechelt pours another $40K into sinkhole investigation

P 1 sinkhole pic

The sinkhole as it looked just after it opened up in late February. Rik Jespersen photo

The continuing sinkhole mystery in Sechelt’s Seawatch neighbourhood has prompted Council to commit another $40,000 for further geotechnical investigations.

A three-metre-deep sinkhole opened up on the hillside in front of a home on Lot 21 on Gale Avenue North on Feb. 26, forcing the family to evacuate. Another sinkhole then occurred across the street on Lot 9.

Due to continuing concerns about underground stability in the area, the family living on Lot 21 still has not been able to return to the home and Gale Avenue North remains closed to through traffic.

The investigation is being conducted by DMT Geosciences Ltd., in concert with Thurber Engineering Ltd., District CAO Bill Beamish told Council at its May 20 meeting.

“We’re at about $150,000 at this point in time,” Beamish said in answer to a question from Councillor Doug Wright about how much had been spent so far trying to figure out what’s going on underground in the neighbourhood.

The $40,000 just committed would be in addition to that total, Beamish said.

“We’re working very closely with the neighbours that are directly impacted and affected,” said Mayor Bruce Milne. “We’re meeting with them almost weekly.”

Two other sinkholes developed in the area in the spring of 2012 and the District took steps to fix the anomalies then. It’s not known if the remedial work done at that time has contributed to the new problems. Rik Jespersen

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