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Seeking nominations for arts awards

Seeking nominations for arts awards

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is looking for nominations for their three arts awards. Nominations must be received by October 1. All of the nominees must be Sunshine Coast residents and may be self-nominated or nominated by others.

“The Anne & Philip Klein Visual Arts Award” was created in 2000 in the memory of Roberts Creek residents,  spinner and weaver Anne, and sculptor Philip Klein. Applicants must be over 65 years of age. Preference will be given to those candidates pursuing an artistic passion developed late in life. The award is for $300.

“The Gillian Lowndes Award” was created in 1981 to honour the life and talent of Gillian Lowndes, a promising young Sunshine Coast dancer and vice-president of the Arts Council. Applicants may be active in any arts discipline and must demonstrate long-standing achievement, innovation and recent growth in their field. The award is for $1,500.

“The Louise Baril Memorial Award” honours the memory of Louise Baril, a member of the Arts Council Board and Program Director of Countryside Concerts (1990 – 1994). Applicants must be a music student undertaking advanced studies. The award is for $300.

For further information please contact the Sunshine Coast Arts Council at 604.885-5412. Full guidelines are available on the Sunshine Coast Arts Council Website:


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