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Sewage funding

Sewage funding

(A version of this letter was addressed to SCRD directors and copied to the Local) 

We are sure that you are very aware of the tremendous concern, worry and anger that has arisen from the proposed waste water treatment facility funding. And, we hope that you are sensitive to how the proposal would have a very significant impact on homeowners’ finances, property valuations, and broader impacts on the economy of the regional district. 

As a formula for funding capital projects, there are also implications for other requirements such as water sourcing and distribution, the airport and many other community facilities. It will affect all in the regional district. 

For those serviced by Square Bay, it will be life-changing and will cause some to have to move from their homes.

We have lived in this community for over 25 years and we have never seen an issue that has caused people such worry and concern about the leadership of our elected directors – not even close. 

We have been told that SCRD staff will present the proposal with the recommendation to suspend approval which would allow time for more comprehensive plan development and communication, visibility and consultation with our communities over the coming year. Further, the recommendation will be that there will be no change in frontage fees for the following year. 

We request that you support this delay, and that you review politics and direction that have created such a wholly negative community response, worry and concern. 

Lyle & Jean Wharton, 

Halfmoon Bay

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