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Signs to help help find you

Signs to help help find you

Long-time Sechelt resident, Laurean Reid wants to import a bright idea from Bowen Island to the Sunshine Coast.

Laurean Reid poses with an example of the house number signs the Rotary Club is selling. They are designed to provide emergency responders with an clear designation of the address. Photo submitted

“Over the years that I have lived in Sechelt  there has been no standardized house number signage to enable Emergency services, delivery companies and friends to easily, accurately and efficiently access homes particularly at night,” Read said.  “When visiting Bowen Island in October 2018,  I noticed that their house signage was excellent so contacted the Bowen Island Rotary Club to acquire the information around their project.”

A year or so later the Rotary Club Sunshine Coast – Sechelt is ready to start selling the highly reflective signs in the community. Reid was able to pitch the idea to local Emergency Medical Services, fire departments, and the RCMP.

Staff Sgt. Poppy Hallam, in charge of the Sunshine Coast RCMP detachment, supports the project: “As first responders, there can be trouble locating addresses in rural areas such as on the Sunshine Coast and the delays can mean the difference between life and death. The Sunshine Coast RCMP finds undisputable evidence that supports visible signage on houses or marks driveways.”

Trevor Pike, Sechelt fire chief, said: “With these types of calls time is of the essence, a few minutes can mean the difference between life or death. It is not uncommon for crews to spend valuable response time trying to locate civic addresses that are either not displayed at all, or displayed in a manner that makes it difficult for first responders to locate the address.”

The signs are available both in horizontal and vertical orientation and are easy to read and brightly illuminated at night with a highly reflective surface. The price is $30 for a 6 x14-inch sign or $40 for a larger 6-inch by 18-inch sign in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. A metal stake is also available for $20  on which the sign can be mounted. Any funds that are raised from the sale of the signs will support Rotary projects in the community.

The Rotary Club was able to source customs signs here on the Coast and will be showcasing the signs at the Trail Bay Mall for the first time on March 16. Community members can also order and obtain more information about the signs by emailing


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