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Simons: BC Liberal scheme revealed

After a long fight, the Official Opposition got documents that the Liberals wanted to hide which showed they had quickly sold off public land at below market value to individuals who were large donors to their party, in order to claim a balanced budget.  The government said it had nothing to do with their promise to balance the budget, which begs the question ‘why did you sell our land so cheaply?’

In the Tyee, a Provincial on-line news website that covers important issues, Journalist Bob Mackin, documented how every time there was bad news affecting the BC Liberals, they would come out with some good news about liquor law changes.  Last month they introduced the “Special Wine Store Licence Auction Act”, aka Bill 22, which fails to make anyone happy.  It does about six things the government promised they wouldn’t do –including putting new liquor outlets next to existing ones, selling licences only to the highest bidders (read: billionaires), and giving a discount to some stores over others, thus undermining the Minister’s promise of a “level the playing field”.  The Opposition will vote against this Bill.

Recently the CEO of BC Ferries decided to try to help government fend off criticisms of their mishandling of the Ferries file for over a decade.  He suggested the complaints were keeping tourists from the U.S. and from “back East” from visiting.  If these tourists are staying away because they hear how expensive ferries are, then they are hearing how expensive ferries are.  If there are stories about how expensive ferries are, then maybe they should consider lowering the prices.  Lower prices will stimulate the economy as Gordon Campbell once said.  Sometimes I miss Gordon Campbell.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Pender Harbour event that was not strife with concerns over rights and title.  The April Tools event, promoted and hosted by the Living Heritage Society, was a success again.  Later in the day I was able to attend the boxing matches at the Gibsons and Area Community Centre, and then Earth Day in Roberts Creek with Slim and the godchildren on Sunday.

The Day of Mourning was April 28th –a day set aside to remember those who have been injured or killed while working.  Let’s remember not to tolerate unsafe conditions at work.  There are ways of making anonymous complaints, but if you are concerned, speak to your MLA.  All correspondence and communication with MLA’s is subject to privacy laws and is privileged information.

To contact your MLA, please call 1-866-373-0792.

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