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Small outlays reap big returns with curb appeal

Small outlays reap big returns with curb appeal

Adding a fresh layer of mulch to edged flowerbeds deters weed growth and adds definition to plantings, for a tidier and more colourful presentation.

First impressions count. A visitor’s first glimpse of a home gives a lasting impression and a hint on how well it has been cared for, inside and out.  

Improving curb appeal involves dressing your home to make a strong first impression on visitors and (when a preparing a home for re-sale) on prospective buyers. A home with a well-maintained exterior hints at an equally impressive interior.

A few simple renovations can make a home more welcoming while bumping up its market appeal.

Begin by removing clutter – broken planters, rusting lawn furniture, and discarded toys.

Fall garden clean-up and winterizing includes hedge trimming, pruning roses, weeding, planting spring bulbs and putting down a fresh layer of organic mulch to protect and nourish shrub and perennial roots during the colder months.

Consider adding some fall or winter colour with fresh plantings. Local nurseries will be please to advise on best shrubs for Coastal climate and soil conditions.

Provide driveway and sidewalk definition with edging. Paving stone or brick edging, either level or slightly elevated, can protect both lawn and driveway from erosion and offer an elegant frame for the garden area as well.

Many homeowners grow accustomed to overgrown trees around their property and may not notice that low hanging, unsightly branches are hiding the home from view or blocking light from the home’s interior. Let the light in, and let the home be seen! Book the services of an arborist or knowledgeable tree pruner/removal specialist in the fall for winter pruning.

Regularly throughout the fall and winter, ensure gutters are cleared of leaves, sticks and other debris. For homes surrounded by trees, consider replacing open gutters with guarded types to reduce clogs and potential roof damage.

Even if the front door is not generally used, make it appealing with the addition of modern upgraded hardware, hinges that move freely and squeak-free, a fresh door mat, and possibly an accent planter filled with seasonal colour.

As the holiday season approaches, a well-groomed entry will provide a welcoming focal point to the home with improved curb appeal.

Heather Jeal

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