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Spoken Word Festival on June 4 & 5

Spoken Word Festival on June 4 & 5

Spoken word is alive and well in Sunshine Coast schools! Over the past four months, students have had the opportunity to work with spoken word artists Jillian Christmas,  Bertha Clark, Valerie Mason-John, Brendan McLeod and Janet Marie Rogers. Through a series of classroom visits, the students have been challenged and inspired to create their own work—both poetry and prose. For some of these students, the next step is performance. The public is invited to attend the Spoken Word Festival, featuring both the students and their spoken word mentors, on Thursday and Friday, June 4 and 5, in the Festival Pavilion at the Rockwood Centre in Sechelt.

In the words of author and storyteller Richard Wagamese, “We change the world, one story at a time.” Sunshine Coast youth have much to say and this festival offers the opportunity for the community to listen.

The Festival gets underway on Thursday evening, June 4 at 7 pm and continues during the day on Friday, June 5 from 9:15-11:30am and 12:15-2pm.

For more information, please call the Festival of the Written Arts office at 604-885-9631.  Submitted

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