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State of mind effects health

State of mind effects health

Have you and your family had frequent colds and flu this winter?  This could be a sign of a weakened immune system and a chronic condition. Frequent colds and flu, coughs that do not resolve after two or three weeks, a flu that goes deep into the chest and even turns to pneumonia; repeated sore throats or strep, tonsillitis, ear or sinus infections, not fully recovering from a cough or flu after several months or even over a year, are signs of a weakened immune system.  Mental and emotional stress and not taking care of our bodies can negatively affect our ability to ward of viruses and harmful bacteria and also lead to chronic conditions.   Stress is a natural part of life, but it is how we respond and cope with stress that greatly affects our health either positively or negatively, which in turn affects our susceptibility to illnesses and ability to heal.

Psychologists in the field of “psychoneuroimmunology” have shown that a person’s state of mind affects one’s state of physical health.  Depending on a person’s emotional mental state a current situation can cause stress or not, it is individual.  Research into the mind-body interaction has shown that stress management and healthy interpersonal relationships can benefit day-to-day health, doing everything from helping us combat the common cold to speeding healing after surgery.  In other words, emotions and our thoughts have a direct impact on our physical health.  However, the complexity of what we are experiencing internally at the moment can come from deep seated emotional imbalances that have not healed, which affect our perception and can cause us to experience a situation as stressful.  Becoming aware of how we are susceptible to certain stresses and working to become balanced emotionally can have a positive impact on our immune systems, as well as our overall health.  If a person is experiencing frequent colds and flu, this can be a sign of deeper imbalances, such as stress with interpersonal relationships and physical stress, such as being over-scheduled and sleep-deprived.

Homeopathy treats people on a mind-body level, rebalancing a person on a mental and emotional level, which alleviates susceptibility to chronic physical illness and simultaneously builds a strong immune system.

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