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Ste. Marie: Respect in the new BC curriculum

Ste. Marie: Respect in the new BC curriculum

“The things that make us all different are the things that make us beautiful. Showing respect to everyone every day at school can make you realize that even though we are all different, we can all give respect and be respected just the same.” Grade 9 student

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to ask a handful of children and youth what respect meant to them. Their words were not only overwhelming and powerful but honest, kind and true.

We see respect when we examine our Indigenous education curriculum. The new BC curriculum design respects the unique nature and is authentic in the inclusion of perspectives, culture and knowledge of Indigenous peoples. Our district Aboriginal Programs create learning opportunities for all of our students to support them in their lifelong journey of education and respect for Indigenous peoples.

Another key element of the new curriculum program that shows respect is the SOGI 123 program. The sexual orientation and gender identity program ensures that as a district, we are able to teach our students that everyone is different and every student deserves to feel welcome.

Recently, we acknowledged our staff at a service recognition event  – a fantastic way to show respect in our district for those who have devoted many years to ensuring that SD46 is a district that is a community engaged in lifelong learning and educational excellence.

When we listen to our students and examine how respect is implemented in our schools we are able to see that we are in line with our strategic plan and are engaged in lifelong learning and excellence in all that we do. Respect is at the forefront of a positive education and a healthy future both locally and globally.

“Respect is for everybody.  Respect is kindness, loving yourself, thinking before you speak, being honest, accepting others for who they are, holding the door for people and listening to your parents when they tell you to go to bed.”  Grade 2 student

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