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Stump to dump

Stump to dump

Our organization (ELF) has concerns regarding a planned Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) operation in a sensitive forest ecosystem. SCCF will be requesting tenders for ‘stump to dump’ roadbuilding and logging in the Halfmoon Bay area in the coming months.
There’s been no public process allowing input into the planning of two cutblocks , which has been the standard way that SCCF does business. They sell the logs and then donate some of the proceeds to local groups who have little understanding of the ecosystem loss. If this logging is allowed to happen, important forest values will be destroyed.
One block (HM50) is entirely situated in the Trout Lake Watershed, which is a backup source of water for Halfmoon Bay residents. It will also cut through the historic Loco-Motive Trail. On that matter, where is the Sunshine Coast Trails Society when it comes time to defend this important trail from being impacted?
The second block (HM70) has many old-growth features, including a beautiful open canopy, a well-established plant community, the largest Pacific Yew we’ve measured on the Sunshine Coast, the fifth-largest Red Alder in the entire province, plus critical habitat for the blue-listed Roosevelt Elk.
We urge Warren Hansen, the new SCCF Operations Manager, to put a pause on awarding a future ‘stump-to-dump’ contract over this irreplaceable forest.
Ross Muirhead
ELF: Forest Campaigner

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