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Summer a great time to golf with kids

Summer a great time to golf with kids

Take your grandchildren out golfing this summer.    Photo submitted

Adults who play golf know just how fun and frustrating the game can be. Whether you’re a veteran golfer or someone just learning the links, golf can be challenging.

But as exacting as the game can be, it also can be just as rewarding, even for kids. Children who embrace the game of golf will learn a host of lessons they can apply in all facets of life. A humbling game even for professional golfers, golf can teach kids lessons in humility and the value of persistence even when things aren’t going your way.

Golf is also a great way for parents to get kids off the couch and outdoors for some fun in the sun. Instead of spending summer afternoons in front of the television, kids who play golf are enjoying the outdoors while getting some cardiovascular exercise along the way. Golf can also strengthen a child’s hand-eye coordination, which can help them in other activities and many different sports.

Parents of preschoolers can start their kids off with a toddler play set. Though it’s just a toy, a play set can help lay a solid foundation for future golfers. Kids who have watched Mom and Dad play golf or practice their swing can develop their own swings with their play set.

As kids move into elementary school, some might want to tag along with Mom or Dad to the driving range. Try to avoid overwhelming kids with too much instruction or information. Instead, keep things as simple as possible, teaching them the basic swing and encouraging them no matter how quickly they adapt.

Many golf courses offer kids’ camps during the summer which further develop a child’s knowledge of the game. The camps cover all aspects including the short game, long game, etiquette and course management.

Bill McDonough at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club (SCGCC) just finished up the ‘Golf In Schools Program’.  Almost 400 elementary students from schools between Roberts Creek and Langdale participated.

SCGCC also just launched the ‘Get Golf Ready’, a program that includes five sessions to introduce non-golfers to the game.   The program provides instruction, clubs, balls and include a couple of twilight rounds. Participants will learn the history and etiquette of the game, how to dress, how to book a time, what the different clubs are for and the overall language used so they can feel comfortable instead of intimidated.

Because it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, ability, or fitness level, golf is a game with great potential to be enjoyed by the whole family.


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