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Supporting community at the Gibsons library

Supporting community at the Gibsons library

“Community” may refer to all of the people living in a particular geographical area, or it may refer to a socio-cultural group within that area, such as the LGBTQ2 community, the Indigenous community, the Chinese community. Then there are communities that form around a shared interest: the maker community, the knitting community, the podcasting community. And of all these communities intersect in numerous ways.

How does a library create programming and events to serve these diverse communities? Often, individuals approach me about organizing an event, such as when Ben Resuisak suggested the Gibsons Environmental Sustainability Forum (April). Other times, we reach out to organizations and individuals in an effort to build new and meaningful relationships to truly make the library a welcoming space for all. After all, “everyone welcome” is a phrase we often hear, too, but who is this “everyone”? When we don’t see ourselves reflected in the books, programs, events and other attendees, “everyone welcome” is a sentiment that falls flat.

The coming month brings a diversity of events, from health-related topics such as a presentation on preventing elder abuse (June 2) to a workshop to help you prepare for that job interview (May 22). Two upcoming talks include “Reading the Spanish Civil War: Poetry & Prose as Portal to History” (May 23), and a presentation exploring the art and history of weaving with Dionne Paul (June 9). “Why Indigenous Law Matters,” with filmmaker Kamala Todd, happens June 20, and that, my friends, is two days after summer registration opens. Yes, you may choke on your coffee, but it’s also nearly time to register the kids for summer programs. (Details to come; registration for these free programs will open June 18.)

The library is always striving to do better. I invite you to send me your suggestions, requests and criticisms – your input will be thoughtfully considered. After all, this is a library, a place where information is a good thing.

See you at the library.

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