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Survey: Transportation for young people

Survey: Transportation for young people

Voice Lab wants to know about transportation needs of young people on the Sunshine Coast.

They have released an online survey to build a business case for a new transportation service.

The information from the survey will be used to better understand specific gaps in the Sunshine Coast transportation system. The goal of the project is to determine the viability of an on-demand transportation service on the Sunshine Coast that meets the needs of young people.

Over the past six months Voice Lab has been talking to residents under 40 to understand their biggest challenges of living and working on the Sunshine Coast. Access to transportation in the evening was identified as a major gap. Many young people felt poor transportation options were contributing to a sense of isolation and driving young people off the Sunshine Coast.

Voice Lab is an offshoot of the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization (SCREDO). On Voice Lab’s creation, Maria Hampvent, SCREDO vice chair, said “Voice Lab is a venue for the needs of young people to advocate for, or design innovative economic development projects for consideration by the SCREDO board. This transportation survey is a step towards filling a major gap on the Sunshine Coast.”

The survey is available at and is open to all residents of the Sunshine Coast and will close June 5.


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