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Suzuki’s imagination 

Suzuki’s imagination 

(Re “Battling the ‘end times’”, editorial, the Local, Jan. 30)

David Suzuki makes the rather startling claim that there are “politicians on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border” who hold and follow the belief that it is “their religious duty to help speed the end times” by destroying the Earth. These unidentified, unquoted politicians of Mr. Suzuki’s imagination, along with many other “people who believe God created the heavens and the Earth” (a reference to Genesis 1:1 and the Christian Nicene Creed), are apparently “so hell-bent on destroying all they’ve been given” they are even praying for its destruction and “wanting to speed its coming.”

Really. This is nothing more than cheap shots at a straw man.

I follow both religion and politics quite closely and I’ve never once heard a religious leader in Canada or the U.S., nor a Canadian or U.S. politician, ever express such a belief. The concept I consistently hear expressed by theists – especially by Christians – is stewardship.

Mr. Suzuki should either provide some documentation to support his inflammatory accusations, or else he should apologize for spreading such an appalling mischaracterization of people of religious faith.

Tom Williams, 

Roberts Creek

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