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Gifts for the folks with everything

With lifetimes of experiences and seemingly everything they could ever want or need in life already at their disposal, seniors can be difficult to shop for come the holiday season. Many even insist that their family members save their money and not buy them anything for the holidays. But if the thought of Grandma or ... Read More »

Take Five to Prevent Falls

As the Canadian population ages, injury and death from falls are on the rise. This National Senior Safety Week, November 6 to 12, the Canada Safety Council challenges all Canadians to commit to “take five to prevent falls.” An estimated 20 to 30 per cent of seniors over 65 will suffer a fall this year. ... Read More »

How senior donors can avoid scams

Con artists masquerading as charities can victimize anyone, but seniors are especially vulnerable to such criminals. Men and women who perpetrate charitable fraud often target older men and women, feeling that seniors are more likely to have a significant amount of money in their bank accounts and less likely to report crimes for fear of ... Read More »

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