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Take charge

Take charge

Sechelt was very lucky that the wind that blew the 100-foot derelict vessel Gulfstream onto the beach on Oct. 6 was blowing southeast. Had the wind been blowing from a different direction this very large vessel could very well have ended up in one of the marinas or float plane bases in Porpoise Bay and caused extensive damage and pollution.

This same vessel ended up dragging anchor again a few days later and ended up next to Poise Island. Clearly, it is only a matter of time until it or one of the many and ever-increasing number of derelict vessels residing in Sechelt’s harbour cause some very notable problems.

It is time for the District of Sechelt to take charge of our harbour and start regulating these derelict vessels. It is not enough to say that it is a federal matter and that MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones will take care of it. Hopefully, the Federal Government will help but it is up to Sechelt to take local action. Sechelt needs to follow the likes of Vancouver and Gibsons. Both solved their problems with derelict boats by taking local control. If you are at all concerned about the degradation that is happening to Porpoise Bay please write our Mayor and Council at to let them know of your concern.

Greg Deacon, 

East Porpoise Bay 

Community Association

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