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Tally Ho! The Sunshine Coast fox hunting season begins

Tally Ho! The Sunshine Coast fox hunting season begins

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Kenan MacKenzie, with his mare Velvet, which he will ride in the hunt. Photo John Gibbs

The hunt season is about to begin. The fox hunting season, that is

Kenan MacKenzie has been busy making preparations at his Roberts Creek property, which –for the 15th year– will be the start and finish of the annual meet on November 8.

There will be a couple dozen riders from the Fraser Valley Hunt Club, another 15 or so from the Sunshine Equestrian Club and probably seven pairs of English Foxhounds.

But don’t worry, there is no fox; the dogs will end up catching a bucket of beef tripe.

And, says MacKenzie, they are not dogs they are hounds. Also: they don’t bark, they “give voice”.

This will be a so-called “drag-sent hunt” in which MacKenzie spreads fox scent up and down a course that covers roads and trails. The hounds chase the scent, and the humans chase the hounds, jumping their horses over a series of obstacles.

Spectators may move to several different spots to watch the riders over the two-hour hunt. All are welcome to gather at 1498 Lockyer Rd. at 10:30 am, for an 11:30 start.

For the riders, there will be a catered white-table-cloth breakfast, a shot of sherry and the blessing of the hunt. And then, as Kenan MacKenzie says, Tally Ho!

John Gibbs


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