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Tax increase for SCRD services

Tax increase for SCRD services

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is moving forward to finalize a bold budget plan that will improve service levels at the Regional District and increase the capacity, through both financial and human resources, to deliver the following over the next several years:

• Investments in 45 water-related projects ; 

• Investments in regional solid waste services;  

• Increasing our level of communication and public engagement on an ongoing basis; 

• Significant investments in new fire trucks for Gibsons and District Volunteer Fire Department, Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Halfmoon Bay Volunteer Fire Department;

• Reducing transit fares for monthly passes for youth and seniors.

“We recognize that this is an ambitious work plan – a number of projects have been recommended that represent a significant level of investment in both capital and service delivery,” says Tina Perreault, chief financial officer.

To carry out these large-scale projects, new staff positions have been proposed.  

Overall, it has been estimated that the average resident will see an increase of approximately $200 per year for SCRD services – that is about $16 per month. This figure will vary from $50 per year to $300 per year depending in which electoral area individuals reside.

Once the 2020 Budget is adopted at the Feb. 27 board meeting, the SCRD will be rolling out more communication to provide details with respect to work plans, projects and timelines for completion.

“The community has asked for strong action on key services such as water and the Board is delivering that through this budget,” says Lori Pratt, board chair.


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