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Thanking volunteers who are crucial to the library

Thanking volunteers who are crucial to the library

Books-&-BeyondThis month the library held its annual Library Volunteer Celebration. Each year this event provides an opportunity for Library staff to pamper and thank our volunteers. The Library has always relied upon the talent and skills of volunteers to help make the library run smoothly; their presence adds a special atmosphere to the Library and staff are grateful for their contributions.

Library volunteers are all ages from teens to seniors and perform a variety of tasks, everything from shelving, processing and repairing books, magazines, DVDs and audio books to facilitating language or knitting groups and helping with youth and children’s programming. The Library Board consists of dedicated volunteers that oversee the operation of the Library and set its strategic direction; interpreting the needs of the community to develop and maintain viable Library services.

This year in addition to great food and company the event included a performance by the Arbutus Sounds Chorus. Library volunteers and patrons were treated to the harmonious sounds of the choir’s holiday-season repertoire.

If you’re looking for some seasonal music, movies, or books the Library has a variety of items to get you in the holiday spirit.  Or if you are looking for an opportunity to escape the holiday frenzy you can always drop by the Library on Saturday Dec. 19  at 1pm to celebrate the shortest day of the year (a little early) with a series of short National Film Board animated films. Parents and children welcome to watch and unwind together. Children eight years old and up are welcome to attend on their own.

For information on this event or any Library program or service drop by the Library, visit our website: or call us at 604-886-213. Remember all library programing and services are free.

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the New Year!

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