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The calming effect of Evensong

The calming effect of Evensong

On Sunday, March 15 at 5pm, a service of Choral Evensong will be sung by Vespersong at St. Hilda’s Anglican Church in Sechelt. 

What is Evensong, you might ask? The Rev. Bruce Morris, Deacon at St. Hilda’s, has this to say: “Evensong is the common name for a Christian church service originating in the Anglican tradition as part of the reformed practice of the Daily Office. The service may also be referred to as Evening Prayer, but Evensong is the more common name when the service is musical. It is roughly the equivalent of Vespers in the Roman Catholic Church. The service emerged soon after the Church of England was established and has been a beloved part of traditional Anglican worship ever since.”

Many people, from a variety of faith traditions, have come to enjoy Choral Evensong as a calm, relaxing way to transition from a day (or week) of work to a night of rest.  

Submitted by David Poon

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