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The dog made me do it

The dog made me do it

On August 8, police attended a single vehicle incident on Highway 101 at Middlepoint Road, Halfmoon Bay, after a northbound vehicle drove into the right-hand ditch, collided into a driveway and rolled onto its side. Emergency Health Services arrived first and took the lone occupant and driver to Sechelt Hospital. Police spoke with the unimpaired driver who advised she’d been making a left-hand turn and looked over while trying to stop her dog from sliding off the passenger seat. A witness who stopped to assist advised that the vehicle went straight into the ditch and no other vehicles were involved. The driver was warned about distractions while driving and it was suggested in future, she secure her dog in the back with a pet seat belt. The vehicle was towed and the matter has been referred to ICBC.

Submitted by RCMP

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