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The economic future of the Sunshine Coast

The economic future of the Sunshine Coast

In its continued work to support the economic and financial health of the region, Sunshine Coast Credit Union (SCCU) announced that its recently-commissioned Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Outlook and Review is now available on the SCCU website The review forecasts a stable economic climate to anchor both the Credit Union’s financial strength and performance, as well as that of our local business and non-profit sectors.

Highlights of the review indicate an expanding population base that will continue to drive the Coast economy with a positive consumer demand profile. Employment is forecast to climb more than four per cent from 2016 through 2021. Housing markets will continue to operate at a high level with a strong increase in building permits, elevated home sales near 1,000 units per year on average, and median home values increasing 20 per cent by 2021. The share of non-local owner housing demand is likely to decline as retirees transition to the region full-time.

Bryan Yu, Deputy Chief Economist, Central 1 Credit Union Economics, emphasized that professionals who can work remotely and still be linked to their clients and employers will find the Coast lifestyle highly attractive.

Yu will elaborate on the economic future of the Sunshine Coast on Oct. 3 at the Raven’s Cry Theatre.

The event will include the latest Vital Signs data and special information for non-profit representatives, including the nexus between charities and advocacy work.


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