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The facts  on Silverback 

The facts on Silverback 

We are writing in response to a recent letter in your paper from Laurel Ennis regarding the “Silverback” property. We understand that during the election period people will sometimes makes statements which are not factual, this is an unfortunate reality. With regards to the Silverback property the easily verifiable fact is that it was zoned for a golf course and 1600 homes not by the Council of John Henderson but by a previous Council!  Fully aware of the risk of a Las Vegas style golf course and housing development being created in Sechelt, John Henderson, as a citizen, and Clark Hamilton gathered together friends and associates to purchase the property to stop that development from proceeding. This bold step was the only sure way to change the course approved by a previous Council.

Since acquiring the property we have begun the search for a better future for the property. In that effort we have been knocking on doors and meeting with Community Associations seeking input and fresh ideas. We have been extremely pleased with the response to date. All of us invested and involved have a vision of a long-term sustainable community which adds to the community of Sechelt. This vision does not include another golf course or 1600 homes. We encourage everyone to take a moment and check out the FACTS at

Together we believe that Sechelt is a wonderful community with a great future and we wish to ensure that this property is thoughtfully part of that future.

Mark Sager and Werner Hofstatter, SSC Properties

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