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The hearts of the forest

The hearts of the forest

On Saturday Oct. 19, Sunshine Coast residents secured more than 1,000 felt hearts onto trees in the threatened Clack Creek Forest – the critical central zone of the proposed Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park expansion.  

The 140-ha forest (BCTS Blk A9334) was sold to a single bidder, Black Mount Logging Ltd. of Squamish.

If the Clack Creek Forest falls, the dream of having at least one sizeable low elevation natural forest preserved on the lower Sunshine Coast, dies with it.

You can find the “Forest with a Thousand Hearts” by going north on the B & K Rd (Largo Rd, Roberts Creek, on maps), past the powerlines, and follow the signs with hearts. After five minutes, the last sign is at an old access road; park and walk up the road, looking for the trailhead on the left. 


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