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The importance of sleep

The importance of sleep

One New Year’s resolution I would recommend is, commit to getting enough sleep.

Sleep is the body’s way of metabolizing excess stress hormones and one of the single most important ways of maintaining good health and happiness.  When adults and children are deprived of adequate amounts of sleep it can affect memory and concentration, weaken the immune system, cause irritability, depression, anger or anxiety, one’s ability to cope and enjoy relationships, potentially lead to chronic disease and our children’s ability to grow and develop in a healthy way.

If you or your child experience chronic insomnia it is a sign of an underlying condition, such as a hormonal imbalance, anxiety and depression, chronic pain and disease, or teething and colicky babies, an over active mind and stress, physical restlessness and discomfort.

Homeopathy treats people with insomnia, and at the same time treats the underlying condition connected to their sleep difficulties. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s own innate healing ability and are free of side effects, so they are especially safe for young infants, the elderly and pregnant women.  If you or your child have been experiencing sleeping difficulties for more than three weeks, seek professional help.

To help ensure better sleep: reduce the amount of stimulation in food such as caffeine, alcohol and refined carbohydrates; create a bedroom conducive to sleep that is quiet, dark and free from electronic and wifi devices; exercise regularly and get fresh air daily; incorporate down time throughout the day and week to keep your nervous system relaxed; do activities before bed that help you unwind such as meditation, yoga, going for a walk, taking a bath; and unplug from your screens at least one to two hours before you want to be asleep.  Recent research has shown that lighted screens are having an impact on our ability to fall asleep and sleep soundly throughout the night. For your young children, create a rhythmic, slow paced bedtime ritual free of stimulation and screen time.  And for both adults and children keeping to a consistent bedtime that is earlier in the evening, so that sleep is occurring during the dark hours, getting the most out the daylight hours, especially during the winter months.

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