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The neighbourhoods of Gibsons, part two

The neighbourhoods of Gibsons, part two

We continue our look at the neighbourhoods of Gibsons.

Upper Gibsons

As the name implies, Upper Gibsons is higher up and further from the ocean than Lower Gibsons. Highway 101 slices through the middle of the neighbourhood with businesses and restaurants lining each side of the road.

Upper Gibsons is the commercial and industrial centre of the town. This is where you’ll find Sunnycrest Mall, Sunshine Coast Credit Union, and RE/MAX City Realty’s Gibsons office.

At the western edge of Upper Gibsons is Gibsons Park Plaza which is home to one of three local grocery stores as well as the medical clinic.

Because Highway 101 is a major thoroughfare, it’s one of the busiest streets in Gibsons. While this can be less than ideal for commuters, it’s good news for the businesses that call Upper Gibsons home.

Gibsons Landing

Gibsons Landing is where the town’s namesake first arrived over 130 years ago and was also the setting for CBC’s popular The Beachcombers. Today it’s one of the most visited attractions on the Sunshine Coast.

Each summer, visitors flock to the area for events like Sea Cavalcade, Canada Day, and BC Day festivities. Paddlers from all over the world descend on Gibsons Landing to compete in the bi-annual International Howe Sound Outrigger Race.

Trendy shops and popular restaurants line Marine Drive and Gower Point Road and past Winegarden Park, you’ll find the Gibsons Public Market.

Businesses dominate the waterfront but the neighbourhood becomes decidedly residential as we move uphill. Among the homes are parks, the municipal hall and the Gibsons Public Library.

Shaw Road-Gospel Rock

Perhaps best known for its picturesque outcropping along Gower Point Road, this neighbourhood is favored for hiking, whale watching, and enjoying stunning views. Cross Rock and Little Africa are two other popular outdoor destinations in this area.

As of late 2018, this neighbourhood is mostly natural, undeveloped land but that’s expected to change in the years to come. Plans for a 360-home residential project are currently working their way through Gibsons town council and the developer’s website teases that we can expect more information in early 2019.

Inglis Trail connects Lower and Upper Gibsons with a path that starts in the Bay Area, passes through Gospel Rock, and ends in Oceanmount. The trail is accessible to hikers, bikers, and even scooters.

Shaw Road-Gospel Rock is also home to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of Gibsons’ major pieces of infrastructure.

The three neighbourhoods included in this article bring to seven the total covered this week and last. Two more neighbourhoods – Creekside-Hillcrest and North Road/Park Road – will be covered in a future article.

To watch a video of each neighborhood in this article, visit Tony’s blog at

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