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The respect it deserves

The respect it deserves

(Re: “Little hope for mankind,” Letters, the Local, Dec. 3)
I found Charles Bristow’s interpretation of humanity’s future in this “beautiful garden” to be very succinct.
With 95 percent of all the species that have inhabited the earth now extinct, I, too, feel that humanity is destined to be included in that statistic.
I am also very thankful to be part of the “one percent” to enjoy the best living standards humans have ever known and feel extremely fortunate to be in a country like Canada.
As Mr. Bristol stated, perhaps in the far future, a human-like species will emerge and learn from our mistakes. Or maybe, by then, beings from another planet, having witnessed our demise, will adopt earth, nurturing it and giving it the respect it deserves.
BM Shaw, Halfmoon Bay

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