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This is a great time to be a Canadian woman in business.

More Canadian women are self-employed than ever before – more than 800,000 of them, according to StatsCan. And this growth is occurring in all provinces across Canada. In fact, growth in the number of Canadian unincorporated businesses owned by women has surpassed the U.S. since 1989.

And women-owned businesses are just as successful as any other business; although generally younger than the average Canadian business, their survival rates are identical.

Women share a unique perspective and approach to business; they are using innovative technology to reach customers and utilize data in unprecedented ways. Women especially understand that it’s not the technology itself that is important, but what connections, solutions and changes it enables one to make to remain competitive in a time of unprecedented growth and change.

On the Sunshine Coast, women innovators and entrepreneurs are working to build the community as they build their businesses. Many take a holistic approach to growth, recognizing that a healthy, growing economy offers a spectrum of benefits to individuals, families, and small business.

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