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Thought police

Thought police

(Re: “Post propaganda,” letters, the Local, Feb. 4)
It is true that there is much misinformation and propaganda coming to us from social media, random emails or printed material. Just as Mr. Maser, I often feel offended by some of it; when that happens, the recycle bin is only a few steps away…
Having grown up under a totalitarian communist regime, I have firsthand appreciation of how repressive government censorship is and, in contrast, how precious is the freedom of expression that we still enjoy in the West. Especially in Canada, its well-educated society should be able to analyze, on a personal level, the veracity/importance of received news; the last thing I would wish for is having Canada Post or the postal workers union decide on what I can receive.
The freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or under the First Constitutional Amendment for our southern neighbours are both sufficiently balanced to exclude explicit hate or offensive material. Any attempts to introduce new controls, however sincere, are likely to backfire – we already have: identity politics, lost free speech at most of our universities, cancel culture, etc. I can see a Thought Police on the horizon!
Zbigniew Twardowski,

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