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Three impaired drivers caught leaving party

Three impaired drivers caught leaving party


Sunshine Coast RCMP are disappointed with a group of young drivers who were all caught for impaired driving on Saturday night.

Around 2:30 am on July 27, a resident called to report that a large house party on Tillicum Bay Rd. in Sechelt was dispersing, and the caller was concerned about possible impaired drivers in vehicles seen leaving the area.

As some vehicles had already left the party, police set up a road check nearby, and within a span of 22 minutes, 3 vehicles came through the road check, all driven by impaired drivers.

One vehicle was driven by a 21-year-old woman from Sechelt.  Police observed an open can of beer in her vehicle.  A roadside breath test was administered, which the woman failed.  Another vehicle was driven by a 20-year-old woman from Gibsons, who also had open liquor in her vehicle, and failed a breath test.

The third vehicle was most concerning, as Cst. Harrison Mohr with Sunshine Coast RCMP explains: An 18-year-old man drove up to the road check.  His windshield was smashed and his rear bumper was dragging on the ground.  He had four passengers inside his car, and two more in the trunk.  The man also failed a roadside breath test.

All three drivers received 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions, and had their vehicles impounded. The passengers riding in the trunk were also issued tickets for not wearing seatbelts.  We see a lot of young people getting the message about drinking and driving, and using designated drivers.

“That’s why Saturday night was so disheartening for us.  These drivers endangered the lives of themselves and others, and they give other young drivers a bad name.  Their behaviour won’t be tolerated,” said Cst. Mohr.

Police attended the party house, called parents and taxis, and ensured no other impaired drivers left the house.  About 30 vehicles were left at the party house overnight, which suggests other potential-impaired drivers were also prevented from leaving.  Police will continue to aggressively target impaired drivers throughout the summer months.

Submitted by Sunshine Coast RCMP


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